Foundations of Power with Asia One

Understanding the techniques it takes to to create power - a power style master class. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE.

Start: Thu Apr 26th 4:00pm

End: Thu Apr 26th 5:30pm

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Competition to Performance with B-Boy Ronnie

Competition to performance and the keys to getting there.

Start: Thu Apr 26th 6:00pm

End: Thu Apr 26th 7:30pm

Dancing on the World Stage with Les Twins

World of Dance champs and Jay-Z tour dancers, brothers Les Twins share what has brought them to the top of the game. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED.

Start: Fri Apr 27th 5:00pm

End: Fri Apr 27th 7:00pm

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Keep it Popping with Angyil & Dassy

Learn more about different styles of popping from some of the best competitors. LEVEL: BEGINNER.

Start: Fri Apr 27th 5:00pm

End: Fri Apr 27th 6:30pm

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Panel: Culture & Community with Crazy Legs, Blacka Di Danca, & Marlon Marley Havikoro

A conversation about dance's ability to be a force for social impact with the people leading it in their communities.

Start: Fri Apr 27th 7:00pm

End: Fri Apr 27th 8:30pm

Lecture: Building Your Brand Against All Odds with Jeskilz

Creating growth and value for your brand to ensure your passion can be a sustainable reality. LEVEL: BEGINNER.

Start: Sat Apr 28th 3:00pm

End: Sat Apr 28th 4:30pm

Popping Fresh with Greenteck

Precision, funk and impeccable style, learn innovative concepts from one of the freshest poppers in the world. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE.

Start: Sat Apr 28th 3:00pm

End: Sat Apr 28th 4:30pm

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Kinjaz Choreography with Mike Song

Executing choreography w/ patience, cleanliness, and attention to detail. LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED.

Start: Sat Apr 28th 4:00pm

End: Sat Apr 28th 5:30pm

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Breakstyles Across Generations with Crazy Legs & Roxrite

How important dance moves have evolved. LEVEL: BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE.

Start: Sat Apr 28th 5:00pm

End: Sat Apr 28th 7:00pm

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Choreographing the Hits: Single Ladies, Lemon, & More with JaQuel Knight

From the man who choreographed the iconic moves in some of the biggest dance videos of all time such as NERD’s Lemon and Beyonce’s Single Ladies, learn about creating dances that go big. LEVEL: ALL.

Start: Sat Apr 28th 6:00pm

End: Sat Apr 28th 7:30pm

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